Tokyo Days

Jan 14

thank you, yuho and yuko.
thank you, yuho-papa yuho-mama

Jan 15

 thank you, shun, jun and fumi-kun who unfortunately absented with bad cold.
thank you for sweet messages, other bad boyz!
and you, my Anne! I wish you were here.
thank you NISHIYAN. I grew up here. 

My BFFs gave me send-off parties. Since tell them to leave Japan, suddenly I became a superstar ! soooo ごきげん。Thank you, thank you, thank you.でも考えてみたら、I should have been aware of huge love surrounds me. I'm  ashamed myself that sometimes said "I don't have any friends", even it was a joke. Now I say I have a lot of great friends. I proud of them, proud of myself. Already I have learned the precious feelings before the adventure.

Jan 16: the last day in my home town Tokyo

the girl is me without a makeup。笑

mom hates a camera.

baba with her own iPhone

my sweet home
thank you so much, my family.

Spent the last day with my family. I always thank them and try to express it consciously, yet must come to feel it was not enough. NEVER be enough, actually.  This is the very first time to live apart from them. Tomorrow I will eat alone, sleep alone. How strange it is that I  don't fear now. Just わくわく!I'm sure that  I will be OK 何故だかわからないけれど。hahaha! I appreciate this baseless confidence by nature. Can't wait to see new world! わーーーーーい!

Sorry for poor English (partly Japanese)  post. I'm not good at spelling. Grammar too. Speaking too! Anyway I'm trying to switch my brain to English-version gradually... hope you get what I meant. 

This would be the last entry from Japan.  Next time, see me at Vancouver. そんじゃ、いってきまーす!