The little girl would never know what's coming up to her life. I've been living for 25 years with the same eyes, lips, and hands in the picture above... Don't worry baby, your life's gonna be sweet to you.

Thank you for every single person who has got involved to my universe. I'd even thank few people who's been mean to me.
Special thanks to the person who gave birth to me: my mom. I love my life that you gave me 25 years ago. As you say I'm a part of you and you're a part of me. But I also believe we must live our each life as individuals. The only and best way to be a good daughter is fully enjoying my life and I expect you to be a good mother in the same way. I'm so sorry for leaving you alone. I'll bring you to our places with memories in Canada in near future. Please take care yourself and stay well till the day. And I also feel obligated to mention my biological father that is in my blood... I don't know if you remember me. Even if you were such an asshole I forgive you. I hear you're the one who gave me to my beautiful name. Hope you're doing well somewhere on the earth.
On every birthday I wonder if the people who I don't see anymore such as my ex, my mom's ex, or old friends would remember me. I'd be more than happy if they think of me on my birthday. I don't wanna disappear... I've been less scared of insecure existence of me and self-evaluation since I came to Canada. Now I feel I deserve to be loved. My short but big  journey is about to end, hopefully not, anyway it was the most meaningful year of my life. I feel like I reborn. I'm on the best moment in my life and I believe it's gonna be keep going better. I don't make any plans for my future because I believe it's totally meaningless since life never goes as planned. Our lives don't care our plans! I don't even know where I will be next month and am very excited about it. Everything should be fine as long as I alive.

Again, the 25 year- old girl would never know what's coming up to her life. I'm pretty sure It's gonna be amazing :) Happy Birthday Chihiro! Hey the world, keep entertaining me !

0:41 PST, Nov 19, 2012, in Vancouver
I feel like I had two birthdays in a year because of the big time difference between Japan and Canada. Thank you for heartwarming messages, my friends. You made my day, you made my life. All I can do is to love the people around me now since I can't do anything for the past. My universe is expanding...  Kiss kiss kiss to the past, present, and my future. Peace!

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